Airline Tyres


For airline operations choosing the right tyre is critical to ensure the greatest value is consistently achieved. Whilst some aircraft are approved to use just one part number others have approval for many. With more than 30 years experience in aircraft tyres, Watts Aviation can provide fully independent advice on how best to secure this value.

Whilst initial cost is always a factor the performance of the tyre in service and how this relates to the number of wheel overhauls can dramatically alter the overall costs.

By using Watts Aviation to manage the tyre pool airline operators can benefit from:

  • Large ‘off site’ stocks of new and retreaded tyres
  • Reduced ‘on site’ stock saving warehousing space
  • Fast delivery
  • Independent advice
  • Wide experience
  • Single Unit Price and Cost Per Landing options

For more information on any tyre please contact us for specific manufacturer's
brochures which are available upon request.