Michelin Air

Michelin Air

First introduced in 1992 and continually refined since, Michelin Air bias-ply tyres are designed with all of the features you would expect from a high performance tyre from one of the world's leading tyre makers.


  • Advanced tread compounds provide long wear for more take offs and landings.
  • The bead area has been designed to give a better wheel fit and so improve air retention.
  • Optimized combination of polymer and reinforcement in the tread gives excellent resistance to heat and abrasion.
  • Advanced ozone resistance helps prevent premature aging.
  • The very precise production techniques employed by Michelin give a tyre excellent balance which in turn gives an extended tyre life and better, smoother taxiing.
  • Superior rubber compounds and sidewall layout improve resistance to cracking, cuts and weather checking.
  • It's features like this that make the Michelin Air the standard tyre fitted as original equipment by some of the world's leading civil and military aircraft and it's why NASA use Michelin Air tyres on the space shuttle. So why not take that one small step and see what it's like to land on Michelin Air.