General aviation aircraft Tyres

General Aviation aircraft

Tyres used on general aviation aircraft are required to perform on a wider range of surfaces than most other aircraft tyres and this had lead to a large number of tyre options designed to accommodate different operator requirements. At present there are no fewer than twelve different tyre varieties all of which are available from Watts Aviation.

Whether your requirement is for soft field or asphalt, private use or flight school, Watts Aviation can provide the right tyre at the right price.

With such a wide range of tyres available choosing the right tyre can be difficult. Tyre design varies to provide a total range from the low cost budget tyres through to premium tyres with superior landing performance, traction and penetration resistance. Many general aviation aircraft will spend extended periods stored outside where ozone deterioration or weather checking can degrade the tyre rubber. Certain tyre lines however, such as the Goodyear Flight Custom and the Michelin Air have greater ozone resistance built in to delay the onset.

In many ways the cost of a tyre will not always represent it's value, this depends greatly on which tyre is selected against it's intended use. An apparently expensive tyre can deliver enough landings per tread to produce the lowest cost per landing, an important consideration especially for flight school operations.

For more information on any tyre please contact us for specific manufacturer's brochures which are available upon request.