Aircraft Tyre Retreading


Most tyres for Regional, Commuter and Airline aircraft will be retreadable and can, depending on size, provide very considerable cost savings with numerous retread levels being achieved.

Worn casings received by Watts Aviation are despatched to various European retread plants operated by new tyre manufacturers such as Goodyear. Each casing undergoes non destructive inspection at various points during the process including Holography and Shearography and following successful inspection, production and testing, is returned with an EASA Form One Certificate.

The combination of new and retread tyre storage allows Watts Aviation to provide a complete and independent airline service providing the very best of all that is available. Single Unit Price (SUP) and Cost Per Landing (CPL) programmes are also available to maximise efficiencies and reduce operator investment and cost.

Most retreading is carried out on the basis of customer supplied worn casings but from time to time retreaded tyres do become available on an outright purchase basis - please call for availability.